CNC Laser Cut 6mm Supawood Video


ADVANCED MACHINERY offers cheaper alternatives for your laser cutting and engraving business. Introducing our 90watt CO2 laser and engraving machine that cuts 6mm Supawood and provides you with an opportunity to achieve your advanced creativity and perfect design cut. It is best for all of your crafts, souvenir products and signage.

FUNCTIONS: The CNC Laser technology machine can operate using a software that allows you to design all your creative images. It comes with START, PAUSE, STOP and a command action button with downloadable memory to assist you with easily achieving imagination and innovation.

Ensure your success with AM machines.


Johan Raath:

Wow, just want to say thank you for your help on a Sunday afternoon. You do not get many companies to assist over weekends and your service was great. Thanks.

Kerry Darcy:

In this day and age of not having time for yourself never mind anyone else, we have come to accept bad service, and even worse after sales service.

I have the pleasure of sharing my story about Advanced Machinery and their staff. I bought a vinyl cutting machine from Advanced Machinery last year and after paying for it, expected it to take the usual ‘up to 7 days for shipping’ which sometimes takes 10 for it to arrive! I was amazed when it arrived on the 2nd day from Johannesburg to Durban.


The staff were efficient and friendly and I was very impressed. I had a hiccup with my artwork program about a month or so ago. It was after 8 in the evening, and thought I would email them, and expected them to reply in the morning. To my amazement, Mr Eric Yin emailed me back immediately and then proceeded to help me via Teamviewer, and I was able to finish my project that same evening! Again this evening, I emailed them with a question, and again Mr Yin emailed me immediately! Wow, when last, if ever, have you had service like that. I applaud Advanced Machinery for the service, Thank you, Mr Eric Yin and Derek Fay, and hope your business continues to prosper, Kerry D’arcy

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