1.8 Meter Large Format Printer is Here

We Started a Large Format Printer Price War.

For a multi-function, full-colour exquisite printer we bought for ourselves the other day, it cost us about R13000, which provides an A4 full-colour printing capability, that has a print output of 210mm width.

So for our FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer, which provides 1820mm width, how much should we price it?

Let’s see a picture first:


Large Format Printing with a Reasonable Price Tag
This is a title for an article on GAPP Magazine, read it here:

Click on the picture to enlarge, or click here for Page 1 and Page 2.

What’s the Price Then?

Call us on 072 222 2211 and find out.  It is lower than you think.

We currently only have two printers here, one we will keep to use and do the real printing demo with, another one is ready to be sold. More is coming, book now before the end of March and you can get 10% pre-order discount with 30% deposit.

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