April Special on New Stock – CNC Router & Laser Machine

New CNC Router and Laser Machine Arrived

Our latest container has arrived. Besides lots of vinyl cutters, CNC Routers also arrived. Except the CNC Routers have been ordered, we currently have:

  • 2000x3000mm CNC Router with Linear Tool Change, Servo Motors, 9kW Spindle 16 Tools
  • 2000x3000mm CNC Router, Stepper Motors with Normal Spindle or High-Torque Spindle
  • 400x600mm CNC DIY Router, 1.5kW Spindle


We also have more CNC Laser Cutting Machine available:

  • 1300x900mm Cutting Area CNC Laser, with 90W, 100W or 130W Laser
  • 1300x900mm Twin-Tube CNC Laser, with 90W, 100W or 130W Laser
  • 900x600mm Cutting Area CNC Laser, with 90W Laser Tube
  • 400x300mm Desktop CNC Laser

Please call 072 222 2211 for a quotation or come to our warehouse to view our incredible machinery.


April Special

Thank you for reading our newsletter, here is a special for you. Due to an unfortunate price increase, average 10% price increased because of the weak Rand.

However, for your loyalty, you can get up to 15% discount for any order above R10000. After you received an order from our sales team, please forward your quotation to april@am.co.za and ask for April Special. A new quotation that includes the discount will be emailed back to you.

Offer valid for April only.

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