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We are on a magazine, again! This time our new LabelMark Laser Marking Machine got featured.


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More about the LabelMark Laser Marking Machine

Advanced Machinery now has a new addition to the CNC Machinery family – The LabelMark Laser Marking Machine. LabelMark is an Optical Fibre Laser Marking and Labelling Machine that can etch and engrave imagery onto nearly any material – both metal and non-metal. The imagery will be permanent as it is etched on, meaning that the image will not fade as it cannot be scraped or washed off because it becomes part of the material. The LabelMark Laser Marking Machine can easily be adjusted manually by a rotating handle on the top for easy access to accommodate thicker materials. The intensity and timing of the Laser can also be adjusted for a more refined or softer end product result.

Unlike other Laser Marking Machines, the LabelMark Laser Marking Machine is more compact as it does not require a cooling tower since it generates less heat. The LabelMark Machine is capable of imprinting barcodes, logos, full images, as well as engraving on jewellery.

The LabelMark Laser Marking Machine’s price includes the software which is used to create and generate images and controls the Laser Marking process, as well as training for assistance with the use and operation of the machine.


Call us on 060 600 6000 for Laser Marking Machines, Vinyl CuttersCNC Routers, Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines, CNC Plasma Cutting Machines, Large Format Printers etc.


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