How much does 1 SQM of Print Cost? R15 for Paper, R5 for Ink, Sort of…

How much does printing cost?

If you would like to know how much printing costs, keep reading.

By printing costs in this context we mean the Large Format Printer – printing Outdoor Billboards, Shopfitting Signages, Wallpapers etcetera.

The Printing Media Cost

This part is easy, just call Maizey Plastics or Falcon Signage Supplies and find out what they have in stock and the price.

We bought a roll of printable white vinyl of 50 meters and 1.5 meters wide for R1100 including VAT, for testing on our printer. That works out R14.67 per sqm.

The Ink Cost

This is the tricky part, different images/photos use different amounts of ink.

However, we can say by using our ECO-Solvent Ink, the cost is less than R5 per sqm and R2 to R3 in most cases. View this for a detailed table:

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