Let Us Show You the Wonder of What a CNC Router is for

A Video of Real Achievement. Office Furniture Made by Raw Studios on AM EasyRoute CNC Routers

Wonderful results can be achieved by great hands, since the time Raw Studios partnered with us, we saw more and more amazing projects get done.


Check out their new oFFis™ System, beautifully done. Click and Watch this video.


CNC Routers New Stock Arriving

We have new Lite Range of CNC Routers here. They are entry level machines but they are also the same machines Raw Studio started with. The very first CNC Router Raw Studio acquired about 3 years ago was also a Lite Version.

Aluminium T-Slot Clamping Table PVC Vacuum Table with Clamping Slot
1300 x 2500
Bed Size
220V 3kW Full Package
220V 3kW Full Package
380V 4kW Full Package
380V 4kW Full Package
2050 x 3050
Bed Size
Not available in this shipment 220V 3kW Full Package
380V 5kW Full Package

(Prices exclude VAT, Bold italics is the SKU of the product)

AM.CO.ZA Easy Route Lite is coming with 180mm Z-axis clearance, compared to the standard version of 300mm, they are industry level machinery backed with our 1+2+5 years quality warranty and service plan. The weight of CNC Router itself for 1325 version is 1.3 ton, and 2030 version is 1.9 ton.


Please call 072 222 2211 or 060 600 6000, or send an email to service@am.co.za for a quotation.

Check http://am.co.za/router/easy for other configurations of our EasyRoute series.


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