The Best Selling Vinyl Cutters in South Africa Just Got New Features

Best Selling Vinyl Cutters in SA Since 2014
Now With New Upgrades in 2016 Model

  • 32-bit ARM CPU with 512K Internal Cache was an 8-bit CPU
  • 16M Memory for Cutting Job Buffering was 1M Memory
  • Stepper Motor Driving System with 0.0254mm Per Step
  • Use Household 220V Electricity, Compatible with UPS and Generator
  • Utilize Roland® Compatible Blades, 3 Free Blades Included
  • Minimal Can Cut 5mm Height English Letter
  • Smooth Adjustable from 20mm to 800mm Per Second Cutting/Plotting Speed, was 50mm a level, now 1mm a level
  • Smooth Adjustable from 20g to 500gram Cutting Pressure, was 50g a level, now 1g a level
  • Cutting Thickness on Normal Vinyl is 0.1mm Up to 1mm
  • Mechanical Resolution 0.0254mm and Repeatable Precision 0.0127mm
  • Real High-Speed USB 2.0 by STMicroelectronics and Plug and Play on Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 were USB-to-Serial, need driver not plug and play, not support Win 8, Win 10
  • RS232 COM Port Provided for Backward Compatibility with Old Windows, Macintosh, and Linux, it was Windows only.
  • Able to Install as Windows Printer on Windows 7, Win8 and Win10, it was Win7 Only
  • Support Standard HPGL and DMPL Language can Work as AutoCAD Plotter
  • Able to Direct Cut .PLT File from SD Card, No Computer Connection Required, where previously there was no offline cutting mode
  • Support Manual Contour Cutting, Better Accuracy, and Convenient can be Archived by Laser Eye Pointer Holder were no contour cutting support

We redesigned the size to be suitable for all kinds of medias better.
Much better and more features, same price for a limited amount of time.

This machine is currently NOT on our website because we have limited stock.

Packages and Prices for Vinyl Cutter Only
(free Printer Driver included)

SKU V-800 V-1360
Price R 5 999 R 7 999

 Professional Sign Making Software – FlexiSIGN

28f1901f-8037-4d79-81d2-670dc1100276Your vinyl cutter will function very well with our free PRINTER DRIVERS, through which you are able to cut directly from any Windows application that can print. These applications include CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD and even Microsoft Word (We are not kidding).

If you want to cut like a pro, get our OEM version of FlexiSTARTER Cloud Edition or Dongle Edition which supports:

  • Basic Editing Function
  • Accurate Cutting/Plotting Location on the Media
  • Repeating Job for Multiple Times
  • Panel Function: Split Artwork Bigger than Media into Smaller Panel and Cut with Adjustable Overlap
  • Tile Output Function: For Output of Same Design Several Times and Tiled-in-one Media
  • Colour Separation: Cut/Plot One or More Colours at a Time, Make the Multi-Colour Artwork Easy to Handle
  • Adding Weeding Lines: Add vertical, horizontal or various kinds of weeding lines for easy weeding
  • Overcut, Auto-Weld, Optimize Cutting Order and Other Performance/Accuracy Increasing Cutting Methods
  • Fill Plotting: Easy Plot a Solid Colour in an Area, a Wonderful Solution for Plotting House Plans
  • Blade Compensation: Setup Compensation of Blade Angle and Result a Perfect Sharp Cut Angle
  • Manual Contour Cutting
  • Able to Manage More Than One Vinyl Cutter, and all Our Vinyl Cutter Ranges are able to be Managed by One Software

Packages with FlexiSING Software
(Vinyl Cutter + FlexiSTARTER Cloud Edition)

SKU V-803 V-1363
Price R 6 989 R 8 989

We have very limited stock for new 2016 model, first pay first serve.
More stock is on the way.

Call 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 for a quotation.

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