Thank You for Visiting Us at GAPP Print Expo and Other News

Thank You for Your Support & Visiting Us at the Expo!


Good Day,

My name is April, on behalf of the AM.CO.ZA group, Advanced Machinery and myself, I wish to thank you sincerely for your attendance at the Sign Africa Expo during the course of last week as well as for your interest in Advanced Machinery’s CNC Machinery exhibited at the expo.

Here at AM.CO.ZA we value our clients and their interest greatly and appreciate the chance we have been given to be able to fulfill all your individual needs and expectations as with AM’s CNC Machinery the only limitation is one’s imagination.

About Advanced Machinery:

Since Advanced Machinery have been founded in 2012, the AM.CO.ZA Group Of Companies have been growing continuously. From merely beginning as a pure CNC Machine selling agent, to a proud and well-known organization which now also offers CNC Machine related services and support.

Advanced Machinery not only designs, engineers, and supplies ultra-modern machinery, but we also import from our reliable and reputable suppliers in China in a method that minimises the risk to our clients to emphasize our commitment to delivering higher-level quality machinery which we are known for.


CNC Machines We Stock and Sell:

Vinyl Cutters:

Our Vinyl Cutter is the best-selling Vinyl Cutter with Contour Cutting in SA.

CNC Routers:

Our factory in China is the best in manufacturing CNC Routers. The EasyRoute series is the best-selling standard CNC Router in the market with a Bakelite Vacuum Table and a High Z-Axis Working Area. We sell Entry Level CNC Routers up to Carousel ATC CNC Routers and we can also provide customized CNC Routering solutions.

Laser Cutters & Engravers:

TruCUT is the easiest to use laser cutters with various options on the market. Our range includes Laser Tubes, Mirrors, Lenses as well as Rotaries which also happens to be the widest range in South Africa.

CNC Plasma Cutters:

Our MetalWise series plasma cutters start from an entry-level portable CNC plasma Cutter to a super large High Definition CNC plasma cutter suitable for big engineer companies. We also have our own MetalWise Plasma Power Unit with a 2 Year warranty and free nationwide service.

We also sell more CNC Machinery like a Large Format Printer, Laser Marking Machine, Waterjet as well as 3D Printer. Please visit our website or call 060 600 6000 for more information.

Our New EasyRoute Lite Arrived

We have new Lite Range of CNC Routers here.

Aluminium T-Slot Clamping Table PVC Vacuum Table with Clamping Slot
1300 x 2500
Bed Size
220V 3kW Full Package
R-1325L2C/30: R124389
220V 3kW Full Package
R-1325L2K/30: R144679
380V 4kW Full Package
R-1325LC/40: R134089
380V 4kW Full Package
R-1325LK/40: R156079
2050 x 3050
Bed Size
Not available in this shipment 220V 3kW Full Package
R-2030L2K/30: R184679
380V 5kW Full Package
R-2030LK/50: R196079

(Prices exclude VAT, green color text is the SKU for the product package)

AM.CO.ZA Easy Route Lite is coming with a 180mm Z-axis clearance compared to the standard version of 300mm, they are industry level machinery backed with our 1+2+5 years quality warranty and service plan. The weight of CNC Router itself for 1325 version is 1.3 ton, and 2030 version is 1.9 ton.

cd37455d-56b2-472b-a9aa-0c48de413d3a (1)

Please call 072 222 2211 or 060 600 6000, or send an email to for a quotation.

Check for other configurations of our EasyRoute series.

Watch our New Video: Engrave Soft Metal by Vinyl Cutter


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