Vinyl Print, Cut for Sticker and Label Marking Video, A Solution from AM.CO.ZA

A video for Vinyl Print and Cut, a Solution for Sticker and Label Making. Play The Video Below:


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AM.CO.ZA V-Auto Superfast Wireless Vinyl Cutter 900mm with Automatic Contour Cutting Function

V6-900 V6-1500 V6-1800
Working Area 900 mm 1500 mm 1800 mm
Normal Cutting Area 740 mm 1340 mm 1640 mm
Contour Cutting Area 630 mm 1230 mm 1530 mm

Cannot Watch Video?
Check the Vinyl Print and Cut Video Script

Starting Sequence Stage Set

Printer with Vinyl Cutter in front, and Actor 1 walking in — with screen display — Nicky (Signage Business Entrepreneur) :

Nicky:    Vinyl printing and cutting is a very popular way South African signage companies make sticker and labels. I’ve heard that the new machines from, makes the process more efficient, affordable and fun – is this correct?

Actor 2 walks in (with screen display — Grant (Technical Manager on AM.CO.ZA – Advanced Machinery).

Grant:    Yes, Nicky, it is indeed really easy and fun.  Let me show you how the process works.

This is an AM.CO.ZA FastCOLOUR Large Format Printer that features a 1860mm Printing Area.
It relies on ECO-Solvent Ink and is commonly used for indoor and outdoor signage printing.

And this one is our newest vinyl cutter – called AM.CO.ZA V-Auto Superfast Wireless Vinyl Cutter with Automatic Contour Cutting.

Nicky:    Why would you need two machines?  Isn’t there a 2 in 1 machine that can print and cut?

Grant:    Let me do a demo for you and you will see the reason.

On the screen, you can see I put some stickers I need to print and I already added the registration mark for cutting, here. Let’s print this.

(Click print, no need for details on the screen, this is not a how-to video)

Nicky:    Ok, the printing started, not as fast as I imagined.

Grant:    All large format printers that use liquid ink are called ink-jet printers, and are not as fast as the laser printer you generally see at the office.
To increase quality, we let the printer print several passes on the same spot which decrease the speed.
What sets this machine apart is the fact that it employs Servo Motors and, as a result, is already one of the fastest large format printing machines on the market.

But that’s not all…

As you can see, it’s still printing.  With our settings, you have a cutter that can work on a standalone-basis from the printer itself.
This is much better than integrated machines where you can either cut or print – but never do both at once…

Nicky:    I think that’s obvious! Two machines are faster than one. (big letter of “Big Volume” on screen)

Grant:    I’m glad you’re convinced, but the truth is there are more benefits too…

Like the fact that the composition of a cutting plotter is mechanical whereas a printer consists of ink lines and wet parts that come in contact with the heads – which means it’s not a wise decision to put them together.

Also, there is an accelerated development in printers so it’s better to buy separate printers and cutters.

Nicky:    I agree that’s obvious too, you stuff more components into the same place which leaves more room for the machine to malfunction. (big letter of “Less Problem” on screen)

Now the printing is done.  What do we do next?

Grant:    Now we need to load the printing material into the vinyl cutter like this: (just a flush, then loading is done, no need to show details, it’s not a demonstration video )

Since the V-Auto Vinyl Cutter from AM.CO.ZA has an automatic contour cutting feature, you do not need to align all registration marks by hand, the machine will do it automatically – making it very quick and easy. Let’s cut. (press cut button)

Nicky:    The cutting is fast, and the automatic registration mark detecting process is painless, everybody can do it. And I can see the printer is printing the next artwork now, this will dramatically increase my productivity.

Grant:    Our machines are surely the champion for productivity, have you thought about the cost. In fact, our two machines are cost effective than any of the 2 in 1 integrated machines out there.

Nicky:    Really, I always thought two is more expensive than one…

Grant:  Not in this case, in fact, our machines are more affordable (big letter of “Very Affordable” on screen).

Compact and integration do not come cheap, the laptop is always more expensive than the same configuration of a desktop. You don’t need to buy my word, just check around and get some quotes and see for yourself.

Nicky:    Big Volume, fewer Problems and Very Affordable, these are definitely the machines I want!

Grant:    I’m glad that you like the machines.  Here’s your sticker, by the way…

Grant takes one sticker out and sticks it on the lens, which makes the screen dark, blackout and showing logo and contact details.

  • END


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