A New Video Website Introduced and an Important Message to our CNC Router Clients

96e611dc-ae34-43c5-bf9e-4e1337358d84We started a new video website!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video says it all. We started a new Video Website that contains raw footage that we are showing to the world first time. http://machining.co.za/:


Don’t forget that we have another two video sites, one for our corporate videos: http://univision.co.za/:


And fan videos: http://discam.co.za/:



This is a new section of our newsletter, to deliver some important messages to our existing clients.

fcf84c89-e984-4a8c-ac24-a7bf52970894EasyRoute CNC Router Control System Bug Identified, Upgrade Needed.

Some (actually a small percentage) of EasyRoute CNC Router Controls contain a bug and we need to upgrade the firmware (free of charge).

Please follow these steps to send the system file to us.

  1. Plug a Blank Flash Drive into your EasyRoute CNC Router
  2. Press “Menu” -> “Param Upkeep” -> “”Export Params“”
  3. A file name “settings.dat” will be generated onto your flash drive
  4. Send the file to backup@am.co.za and use your machine barcode as Subject (e.g. “AM7890123456” as subject, no other words needed).

If your system requires an upgrade, we will contact you.

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