Fabricam Software Works Great with MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutters

Fabricam Software is Ready for Primetime

We do not only sell CNC Machines, we also develop software to maximize the power of the CNC Machines we sell to our clients.

3ea21c82-51aa-41e5-bb38-fb9478398d2eOur first CNC Software — FABRICAM, is a 2D CAD / CAM system specifically designed to automate the programming of sheet metal cutting machines. Read full feature list here.


More features are coming in next month: Common Line Cutting & Cutting Path Collision Prevention: which will make our software so advanced, with features only available from Big Name software like SignmaNEST but at a fraction of the price.

Videos about the Software and Sheet Metal Plasma Cutting:

c5bf7600-6acb-4ec7-a4d7-31dbedb2bbe0Common Line Cutting

e1cec107-a450-4770-8165-37f2929f37524mm Mild Steel

08532a57-b07f-4826-8890-ef3cfe590613Fabricam to MetalWise

Please call 072 222 2211 for our CNC Plasma Cutters as well as the Fabricam Software — Only From AM.CO.ZA.







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