Fabricam Released, Improved Nesting and Work with Art Parts

Fabricam Software With A Lifetime Free Upgrades

Download the new version from our Utility Disk

We have added all our Hypertherm Powermax models, besides all MetalWise Models:


with Hypertherm features like Pierce Delay Time and it works.

We have added group parts option; So the nesting result is much better:


We have updated Fabricam to work with Art Parts as well:


Metal Arts are very popular these days. Our Wall Art Designs Vector Files Collection is a good source for Metal Arts as well.


Wall Art Designs (Preview here):                                                 R299
FABRICAM Essential (No Auto Nesting and Report):                R 5999
FABRICAM Complete (With All Functions):                                R 9999
FABRICAM HVAC Module (Add-On to Any Package Above):   R 2999

VinylCut Software (Free Trial here), with Trace Function:     R699

Please call 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 to order.


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