3 Second Video of Putting the Spur Logo on a Stainless Steel Knife

Watch this Short Video about Putting a Logo on a Stainless Steel Knife


Recently we produced some samples for a client that associated with Spur, a nice logo has been produced on stainless steel steak knife. We videoed the process, and welcome you to watch.
Watch on Vimeo: http://machining.co.za/video/223629767
Watch on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Yy28SMqDFU

Please Send Your Video to Us

We would like our clients to get involved with the showcasing of their products and the excellence AM.CO.ZA machines offer.

You as a client can send us a video that you filmed for at least 3 minutes or longer in 720p or higher, showing us what you create with our machines, teaching a skill or the demonstration of something really great you can do with it.

Advanced Machinery has never had just a one-sided relationship with its clients and thus this opportunity holds a great incentive for you as our client as well.

For every video that we decide to use, that adheres to the above requirements we will give you a prodigious around R1000 as remuneration.

Email video@am.co.za for more.

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