Introducing the New V-Smart Plus, Affordable, Automatic Contour Cutting and More

We Made a Hybrid Machine – V-Smart with a Kick.

Our V-Smart Vinyl Cutter has many features, 2 Year Warranty, 1kg Cutting Pressure etc, and able to do Contour Cutting. Even if it can’t do Automatic Contour Cutting, the price is very affordable

On another hand, we have V-Auto Vinyl Cutters, with Automatic Contour Cutting, WiFi Connection, Industrial Heavy Duty Stands and using Servo Motors. It’s the best of the best but the price is above the reach of an average client.

Introducing the Hybrid: V-Smart Plus


V-Smart Vinyl Cutter Plus a Cutting Carriage from V-Auto (and firmware change etc happened behind the scenes), we have a Hybrid; an Affordable Vinyl Cutter with Automatic Contour Cutting.


The machine is using standard protocol and works with Flexi Automark and VinylCut.

68708b14-c76a-4d2c-863a-ba3e13d57bed (1)



We have this in stock only at Joburg at the moment, but we are shipping nationwide for about R269.

This model will be in Cape Town soon, but for now, only Joburg has stock.





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