Machine Rentals Start Today, V-800 Vinyl Cutter Arrived and Another 10 Days until Heat Press Arrives

Rental Finance and New Stock Arrival News


We offloaded a container of V-800 Vinyl Cutters and lots of CNC Laser Cutting Machines yesterday. If you ordered or would like to order a V-800 V-Series Vinyl Cutter from us, please call us. For more about our vinyl cutters –


A few laminators have arrived and the next container containing Heat Presses will be here in about another 10 days.


AM.CO.ZA Rollman™ Cold Industrial Laminator 1520mm Working Area with Maximum 20mm Laminating Thickness, Motorised and Manual Rolling with Pneumatic Lifter, Price includes a Quiet Air Compressor:


Machine Rental Finance                                                072d89ed-2f95-4432-8843-b8610bd242c8.png

If you would like to rent a CNC Router or a CNC Laser Machine, now is the time.
We are working with Bizmatic (Pty) Ltd on their new rental platform A2.CO.ZA:


Please check the offers for:
CNC Router Offers: https://A2.CO.ZA/CNC-Router
CNC Laser Machine Offers: https://A2.CO.ZA/CNC-Router
and more machines will be available to rent in the future. Please check the offers above and apply online.


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