A How-To on Creating Adhesive Labels via Office Printer, Waterproof and Cut to Shape

Create Adhesive Labels for Your Products at the Office!



Watch this video for label cutting with an auto sheet feeder: https://youtu.be/vw0i4uXA-UY

New Machine from AM.CO.ZA

AM.CO.ZA V-Auto™ A3 Size Fully Automatic Superfast Label Cutting Machine with ADF Auto Sheet Feeder. Design, Print and Cutting Directly from CorelDRAW.


How to Print

The answer is simple, use your office laser printer. You can buy any brand of a laser printer at any computer shop.

Waterproof and Wear Resistance

You can use the normal sticker paper to make labels but it will not be waterproof. If you need waterproof and wear resistant labels, we also provide Label Papers for your convenience.


Making Labels for Your Product

  • Step 1: Print a lot of labels on your own office laser printer.
  • Step 2: Cut labels with our new label machine with the continuous auto-feeder.
  • Step 3: There is no step 3 – it is that easy!


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