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Here is what you can do with a 3D Printer!

Seeing your creations and being able to touch and feel them, is the most exciting aspect when one is creating something. This is what gives creators the motivation to keep creating. A popular machine that lets creators create prototypes of their ideas, to see how the object will look and feel, is a 3D printer. At AM.CO.ZA, we stock a wide range of 3D Printers, so that you can fulfil your dream to see your creations in real life. 3D Printers have really advanced and now many are buying 3D Printers to create prototypes at home.

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Watch below to see how our PrintUP 3D Printer can be used to print a 3D wall logo!

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LED-backlit signs can be costly to purchase, but with the PrintUP 3D Printer and our Trucut Laser Cutting Machine, you can easily make your own LED Backlit Signs for yourself and your clients!

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