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R3895 p/m CNC Router 2050×3050 Vacuum 5.5kW High-Torque Spindle Full Package

R3895/m CNC Router 2050×3050 Vacuum 5.5kW High-Torque Spindle Full Package | View Only


CNC Router Rent to Own, Amazing Offer from A2.CO.ZA

EasyRoute™ 380V Standard 2050×3050mm PVC Clampable Vacuum CNC Router with 5.5kW High-Torque Water-Cooled Spindle and Stepper Motors, with Vacuum Pump and Dust Collector Full Package.

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A Total of 379 EasyRoute CNC Routers Sold in South Africa Since 2013

R-2030K/55 is a Popular Model of CNC Router Machine for the Signage and Shopfitting Business.
– Working Area Specially Enlarged for the South African Market that Offers 2050mm Width for Perspex
– Total Four Stepper Motors on All Axis, Two Stepper Motors on Y-Axis
– Clampable Vacuum Table Surface Made By PVC with Aluminium Clamping T-Slots Built In
– Working Area 2050×3050×300mm on X/Y/Z, the Area Spindle Can Reach
– Achieve 0.01mm Resolution on All Axis
– Achieve Under 0.5mm Per Meter Accuracy and Repeatability on All Axis
– With 5.5kW High Torque Spindle, Easy Machining Aluminum Block or Cut DIBOND Aluminium Composites.
– Use Industrial 380V 3-Phase Electricity, 5 Pin 32A Plug Included
– High Precision Rack and Pinion System with Helical Teeth Driving System on X and Y Axis
– High-Load, High-Speed Caged Ball Screw Transmission System on Z-Axis
– Linear Guide Rail in Twin Parallels Structure and Two Roller Bearing Sliders on Each Rail Guide X/Y/Z Movement
– Maximum 20 Meter Per Minute Moving Speed on X/Y Axis, With Factory Default on 12 Meters/Min
– Maximum 5 Meter Per Minute Moving Speed on Z Axis, With Factory Default on 3 Meters/Min
– With Standalone AM.CO.ZA EasyRoute Control System, No Computer Needed, Stable System Suitable for Industrial Usage
– Accept All Kinds of G-Code File by USB Flush Drive, G-Code File Size Up to 256M
– Rugged Keypad Against Water, Oil, Dust and Collision, Cheap and Easy to Replace If Damaged
– 5.5kW 380V Motor with RPM 1440 for Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump, Provide 0.097 MPa  – Vacuum Level on 8.3 L/min Fluid Flow Rate and 3.83 M3/min Air Flow Rate.                – Just Very  Noisy 68dB.
– With Dust Collector and Vacuum Pump, Full Package

Now You Can Rent for R3895/m (excl.) from A2.CO.ZA Rental Finance Platform.

For Offer Details, Please Visit: https://A2.CO.ZA/CNC-Router/R-2030K/55
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The Supplier: AM.CO.ZA – Advanced Machinery

EasyRoute CNC Router is a product of AM.CO.ZA, a company with branches in Johannesburg and Cape Town, with a focus on CNC machines since 2012. Please visit their branches for more CNC machines, including:
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