New Toys For Your CNC Router, Mist Cooling Sprinkler (Video) and ISO30 Tool Holder

New Toys For Your CNC Router, Mist Cooling Sprinkler (Video) and ISO30 Tool Holder

We Get Accessories for Your CNC Router


If you are cutting aluminium, stone and other hard materials on your CNC Router, you can use this device for a mist spray of water, coolant, oil or other liquid by the assistance of air compressor. We imported few by popular request, call 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 / 087 802 5368 / 011 397 1429 to order.

We Are Moving Towards ISO30 Standard:

ISO30 Tool holders, compatible with BT30, are our new standards for all our tool change CNC Routers (BT30 still work, and new ISO30 Tool Holder also compatible with old BT30 Spindles. ISO30/BT30 interchangeable).

ISO30 provides better performance and Spindle last longer.


SKU: R-ISO30, ISO30 ER32 Collet Chuck Precision Tool Holder 20crmnti Alloy Steel, Non-Keyway Design, Balanced to 25000 RPM
SKU: R-ISO30B: Universal Auto-Locking Stand for ISO30 Chuck Tool Holder, Only Suitable Stand for Non-Keyway Chuck

We Stock Spare Parts:

Well, we stock spare parts from more than 4 years ago when we started the business. Now we are taking a journey to photograph all our spares (800+ and counting). It’s easier for our existing clients and potential clients to pick up what they need.


An ongoing project, we will keep you updated.

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