Creative Design and Manufacturing Course, First Year Programme in 2018

Creative Design and Manufacturing Course, First Year Programme in 2018

Introducing CNC Design and Manufacturing Course


Creation Lab is the first of its kind creative design and manufacturing course, developed to set smart street-savvy students up for long-term success in creative industries. Creation Lab will be launching its first-year programme in 2018 with pre-registration now open.

Taking South Africa by storm, Creation Lab offers students a gap year with a difference – an experience and certification unlike anything else on the market. The course is designed to teach young creatives how to operate CNC machines, design items and manufacture their designs in an industrial workshop environment. Creation Lab in partnership with AM.CO.ZA is fully equipped with 8 different large-scale machines. Our workshop includes steel work, woodwork plastics, and printing facilities in our 1500m2 workspace.

Our course is the most comprehensive design and makers course available in Africa and potentially the world. All design disciplines are covered and the course is designed to assist young creative minds with a better more certain career path choice. Our students will learn all the basic principles of Interior Design, Industrial Design, Graphic Design, Web Design and Creative Solution Thinking. This means they will leave Creation Lab with enough knowledge about the creative sector.

We don’t just teach our students how to conceptualise, we teach them how to create. This means that they’ll learn about every step in the creation process. Ideation. Conceptual design. Material selection. Manufacturing. Machine operation. Product assembly. Costing. Marketing. Selling. And more…

On top of the chance to gain broad hands-on experience and practical insights, the best performing students also qualify for a R2 million start-up incubation loan. This means that the highest performing students can secure R2 million worth of equipment, virtual assets, consultation and liquidity assistance upon the completion of their one-year Creation Lab course.

So if you want to be part of awesome please visit for more info.

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