Cutting Demo Videos

Cutting Demo Videos

Advanced Machinery has created a series of educational and informational videos that explain and/or demonstrate a host of aspects relating to the installing and operating of our state-of-the-art Vinyl Cutters. Everything from how to set up your Vinyl Cutter’s driver on your computer, through to using your Vinyl Cutter for Contour Cutting and printing T-shirts using your Vinyl Cutter. You’ll even find interviews with some of Advanced Machinery’s happy clients – speaking volumes of how usable, reliable and reputable both our products and service truly is.


One of our most popular videos is ‘TruCUT CNC Laser 90W CO2 Cut 6mm Plexiglas Acrylic Glass Sheeting’. It showcases some impressive glass cutting technology that takes cutting with exact precision to the next level! In part, the TruCUT CNC Laser’s ability to cut fragile and complex material with such precision is due to its stable, smooth pace of production. (To find out more about this cutter, click here)


Another informative video that we have released recently explains ‘How to Print T-Shirts with Our Vinyl Cutters’ and can be viewed here. By interviewing one of our valued satisfied customers, we show you just how quick and simple it is to create quality printed T-shirts. This video takes you through every step in the process. (To find out more about Flex and/or Flock printing on garments read this).

To Advanced Machinery, achievement matters… And with our reliable and user-friendly machinery combined with our expert staff support, service and maintenance infrastructure, achievement and success are well within your reach when you partner with us!

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