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Find Easter Eggs All Year Round at AM.CO.ZA!

Finding an Easter Egg brings joy to many over the Easter holiday period. At AM.CO.ZA we also have some Easter eggs for you, in the form of our MachinesConsumablesAccessoriesSoftware and Spare-parts, at the best prices, and together with free delivery (on certain orders), it sure is something to celebrate about! Below we will share with you some exciting products that we have for sale on

Large Format Printers:

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With a Large Format Printers, you can print large pieces such as banners, billboards, wallpapers and even vinyl wraps for cars! Large Format Printers make the printing process more efficient and profitable while ensuring that the best quality output is achieved. We would like to feature our AM.CO.ZALarge Format Printer, which is well suited to various types of printing needs. This is a hybrid printer and takes many different kinds of inks, which we of course sell.

LabelMark Fiber Laser Marking Machines

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Want to be able to engrave on anything from metal to glass in a flash with precision? Then you need a LabelMark Fiber Laser Marking Machine, brought to you by With a fully machined aluminium body in a compact design, the LabelMark machine will be a popular machine in your office. The LabelMark Fiber Laser Marking Machine lets you easily engrave with no smoke or noise, as no cooling is needed. 

Rotary Attachment

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Engraving on rounded objects such as a glass jar, a bottle or a flask, requires the right tools and machinery to be able to engrave to the best standards. A Rotary Attachment is a device that attaches to your AM.CO.ZATruCut Laser Cutter to allow you to engrave on rounded objects. The laser only fires straight down, so it normally cannot engrave along the sides and bottom of an object. But with a Rotary Attachment connected to a Laser Cutter, the possibilities of cutting on rounded objects are achievable.

Variac Automatic Surge Protection Systems

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Load Shedding has been the biggest cause of loss of profit for businesses in South Africa. Businesses lose out on income when their machines have no power, and when the power comes back on, power surges can damage or destroy machinery!

The solution is a surge protector. Advanced Machinery supplies the Variac automatic surge protection systems. The 3kVA AC High-Precision Fully-Automatic Servo Stabilizer is suitable for standard single-phase systems such as those used in office buildings and households. Visit to view our products or contact sales @ 011 397 1429 / 021 555 3250 / 060 600 6000 / 072 222 2211