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FastCOLOUR Dual, Double EPSON DX 5 Printheads with Exceptional Speeds

Do you want speed? We have the speed for you!


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We currently have 3 ranges of the Large Format Printer – all 1800+mm size.
All of them works with Water-Based Ink, Sublimation Ink or ECO-Solvent Ink.
All have internal heating, front heating and a take-up roller.
All have necessary RIP Software for printing.

FastCOLOUR Dual (the machine in above video):
Two EPSON DX5 Heads
SKU: F2-1800/DX5, Price: R151,989

FastCOLOUR STD (old model, we have a lot in the market, plenty of videos on YouTube
Single EPSON DX5 Head
SKU: F-1866/ECO, Price R103,259

and FastCOLOUR Lite, SKU: F-1800/XP600, Only Cost R59,489
Single EPSON XP600 Printhead


Watch it on YouTube:

The main difference is the printing speed between the above 3 models.

For the FastCOLOUR Lite, SKU: F-1800/XP600 Model, we know it is very affordable already, but we always like to get more into the market so we can rent it to you with a buying option. (Rent to Own):


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