Guide for Choosing Your Heat Transfer Sublimation Ink and Sublimation Printer

Guide for Choosing Your Heat Transfer Sublimation Ink and Sublimation Printer

Read This for Everything You Need to Know About Sublimation Ink and Printer, and Heat Presses.


After the successful launch of our Heat Press machines last year, we have begun stocking Sublimation Inks. Quality inks with vivid colour at an affordable price.


How to Choose a Sublimation Printer

The Quick Summary You Need To Know: Sublimation Ink is a normal Dye Ink, most office printers can print dye ink. Fancy sublimation printers are suitable for special occasions, however, for most businesses, a normal office printer is sufficient.

Step 1: Choose an Inkjet Printer that Can Print Dye Ink

Dye ink is liquid, Pigment ink is fine powder (normally made from minerals) in a solution. Almost all Inkjet Printer can print Dye Ink. Don’t be misled by the name “Dye Sublimation Ink” and believe it’s pure liquid, the fact is it’s NOT. Sublimation inks are made up of solid colour dye particles that are crushed into a fine powder before being suspended in a liquid solution. Although you can’t see the particles of dye, they are floating around in the ink and do not dissolve into the liquid.

Dye Sublimation Ink blocks the printhead since it’s not purely liquid. A traditional thermal inkjet printhead will not work because Dye Sublimation Particles will turn to Gas during heat up process. So we suggest you choose printers with an Epson Micro Piezo print head. Micro Piezo printheads eject droplets of ink via mechanical pressure.

Step 2: Choose a Printer with a Bulk Ink System

Unless you want to clean up old cartridges and refill ink with a syringe, choose a printer with refillable ink tanks.

It is very easy to choose a printer, with a quick search on the Epson Website, the following was found:


More Home/Office Printers:

Which Heat Press is More Suitable for You

We have a multifunction Heat Press ideal for starters and general use, we also have dedicated press machines. Please call our sales to help you choose.