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Laser Cut on Rounded Objects with a TruCUT Desktop Laser Machine with Rotary Attachment!

A Rotary Attachment is a device that attaches to your AM.CO.ZA TruCut Laser Cutter to allow you to engrave on rounded objects such as glass, bottles, flask, torches and more. The laser only fires straight down, so it normally cannot engrave along the sides and bottom of an object. But with a Rotary Attachment connected to a Laser Cutter, the possibilities of cutting on rounded objects are Achievable.

See what you can do with a Surface Drive Rotary Attachment and a TruCUT Cabinet Laser:

Watch video on YouTube:

Already have a TruCut Laser and are wondering how to incorporate a Rotary Attachment, well here is a great demo for you:

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At AM.CO.ZA we believe in achieving your best. Whether you are engraving an anniversary message on a glass, or adding your logo to a flask, the finished product will only look as good as the work that you put in.

Watch the below video to see how the Rotary Attachment makes it possible to engrave on a shot glass!

Watch video on YouTube:

Please feel free to visit to buy the TruCUT Dektop Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine with Rotary Attachment, or contact sales @ 060 600 6000 today.