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Get Your Colours Right When Printing on Fabrics!

Textile printing is the most important and versatile of the techniques used to add design, colour, and speciality to textile fabrics. The process of Sublimation Printing using a Large Format Printer has made textile printing profitable. Whether your clients or customers want to print on a large banner, create t-shirts for an event, or print on jackets for the team, ensuring that the printed product meets the requirements, is vital to ensuring the success of your business. Getting the item correct as per the spec will ensure that you don’t have to redo the item. Reprinting wastes resources and reduces your profit margin. For those that do Sublimation Printing, getting the colour right is the first step to having happy customers.

Watch the video below to see how to make sure that you print with the correct Pantone Colours:

Watch Video on YouTube:

Large Format Sublimation Printers make the printing process more efficient and profitable while ensuring that the best quality output is achieved. At AM.CO.ZA, we have many customers who use our machines to produce the most amazing prints which appear at offices, in shopping centres, at airports, and in many other exciting places!

Creating high-quality affordable prints is the dream of anyone in the printing business and at AM.CO.ZA, we have the machinery to make this dream a reality. Our AM.CO.ZA Large Format Printers together with our Sublimation Roller Heat Press provide our clients with the right machinery so that they can produce quality prints quickly without worrying about reliability issues. Our machines are manufactured to the highest quality, so that you can print knowing that your customers and clients will be happy, allowing your business to succeed.

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