Our Next Project: Vinyl Cutting 101 Video Series

Our Next Project: Vinyl Cutting 101 Video Series

We are busy shooting a new video series called “Vinyl Cutting 101”, a series of videos for a basic vinyl cutter and vinyl cutting knowledge. In this first episode, you will learn how to install and activate FlexiSTARTER Cloud Edition.


Watch it at http://am.co.za/plotter/101/install-flexi

More episodes are coming soon.

If You Haven’t Bought Your Vinyl Cutter Yet, Act Quick
We have already sold half of our vinyl cutter stock in last 30 days. We do have more stock coming and our next container will land Durban in few days, but no doubt some models will run out.0000

Btw, a new Video about Contour Cutting also on the way:0000.jpg

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Don’t forget you chance to win a vinyl cutter, check our competition: http://am.co.za/competition/2014/vinyl-logo