Most Popular Vinyl Cutting Software Upgraded

Most Popular Vinyl Cutting Software Upgraded

A major upgrade on VinylCut software is here, introducing VinylCut 5.

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The software is now compatible with 64 Bit Windows, Mac and Macintosh OSX operating systems. 

Here are some more benefits that this update has to offer:

  • Work on a series of images that require similar assets and keep to creative guidelines by having multiple projects open at the same time. Switch between tabs with ease, all within the same workspace.
  • Various new effects have been added, including Bridge Warp, Drop Shadow, QR Code and Symmetrical Mirror.
  • Reduce the amount of vinyl used by applying the newly added Nesting Function. Minimize the amount of unwanted space and maximizes output by using customizable options such as Area Size and Spacing.
  • Choose to display a template from the Documents tab on the Properties bar. Pick from a variety of pre-made mat templates to save time and get inspiration for your next vinyl project.
  • Transform and align images with precision by using editable guidelines. Adjust the colour of guides and toggle them on and off with just a click of a button.
  • The number of supported vector file types have increased. Import additional formats including PES,PEC,HUS,JEF,SEW,VIP and more into a new or existing project.
  • Additional sizing options such as Fixed Height and Fixed Height Proportional have been added in the Sizing drop-down list within the Text panel. A Full Justification button has also been added to the alignment bar, revealing a couple of options that can be used to adjust properties of chosen words or characters.
  • Convert strokes to paths to create complex and organic shapes that you can apply gradient fills to and manipulate effortlessly.
  • Use the new trace image options to create masks and remove backgrounds without using a third-party software. Choose between editing the background or foreground of the chosen image with an adjustable brush. Pair this option with a drawing tablet and the zoom tool for high accuracy.
  • Cut order settings will appear once a machine has been added in the “Cut with…” panel. Select various cut orders of the project layers from the drop-down menu.
  • Quickly assign cut presets to layers within the Style panel. Choose a default setting or create custom settings for a particular project. Enjoy VinylCut’s new features along with it’s key features that you have grown to love. Explore a wide library of assets and effects within an easy to use interface.

Upgrade from VinylCut 4 to VinylCut 5

A free upgrade from VinlyCut 4 to VinylCut 5 is free if you obtained a license for version 4 on or after 1st June 2019. Visit this page for upgrade the code:

Purchase VinylCut 5

When you purchase our vinyl cutters, you can add R500 extra to include a VinylCut license for one computer. For standalone, price is R699. We also have an online training course, which cost R699 . You can also call our sales team on 072 222 2211 / 060 600 6000 / 087 802 5368 / 011 397 1429 / 021 555 3250 / 087 802 7106 . Below are our vinyl cutters: