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AM.CO.ZA Stocks a Family of Machines and Tools!

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At AM.CO.ZA we have a family of MachinesConsumablesAccessoriesSoftware and Spare-parts, that will ensure that your business can manufacture the best products to meet the demands of your needs and client needs. Below we will share two exciting machines that we are proud to sell!

Remove Rust, Paint and Inks easily with the RustOff Laser Cleaner!

View RustOff 1000W CW Fiber Laser here:

Removing rust is no easy task. It takes time, and loads of effort, well, that is if you aren’t using a RustOff Laser Cleaner from AM.CO.ZA! The RustOff 50W Pulse Fiber Laser Cleaner makes removing rust, paint and inks, easier, quicker and cheaper. The RustOff Fiber Laser doesn’t require any chemicals, giving you a full solution to getting the job done.

Watch the below demo to see how easy the RustOff Fiber Laser Cleaning System is to use, to remove rust, paint and ink! Don’t forget to pop in for an in-person demo, and let us clean your heavy rusted metals for you!

Watch video on YouTube:

Start a Laser Cutting & Engraving Business with the TruCut Laser & Engraving Machine

Start a Laser Cutting & Engraving Business with the TruCut Laser & Engraving Machine
View TruCUT Laser Engraving and Cutting Machine here:

AM.CO.ZA offers a wide range of machines that allow you to engrave on various materials using lasers. Our TruCut Short Cabinet Laser & Engraving Machine, which comes in various sizes, lets you engrave with absolute precision at home or the factory, thanks to its desktop size!

Looking to start a business? Our Laser Cutting and Engraving Machines are the perfect machines to start a laser crafting business. Watch the below video to get some ideas of what our TruCut Laser Machines can do:

Watch Video on YouTube:

Visit or call 060 600 6000 to speak to sales or the following numbers for our Johannesburg and Cape Town Branches:

Johannesburg Branch: 087 802 5368 / 011 397 1429
Cape Town Branch: 087 802 7106 / 021 555 3250