FastCOLOUR ONE Flatbed and Roll-to-Roll UV Printing

FastCOLOUR ONE Flatbed and Roll-to-Roll UV Printing

Package 1: Roll-to-Roll Large Format Printer

For ECO-Solvent Ink, Sublimation Ink or Water-based Ink

Single Printhead
R 53 979.00 (excl)
SKU: F1-1604/XP600

Double Printheads
R 68 479.00 (excl)
SKU: F1-1604D/XP600

These printer packages comprise of our FastCOLOUR ONE Printer, Printhead(s), SAi PhotoPRINT RIP Software, Front Heater/Dryer and a Take-up Roller. It boasts a 1600mm Printing Area.
You have an option to go for the ink of your choice. You can either go for the ECO-Solvent Ink, Sublimation Ink or Water-Based Ink. The inks are sold separately and are not included in this package.

Package 2: Roll-to-Roll LED-UV Printer

Includes LED-UV Curable Inks, CMYK

Single Printhead
R 71 249.00 (excl)
SKU: F1-1604/UV
Double Printheads
R 86 589.00 (excl)
SKU: F1-1604D/UV

This is by far the most affordable UV Printer in the market. With a 1600 mm Printing Area and Bi-directional UV printing. 1L of each CMYK LED-UV Ink is included in the package, except for the take-up roller and SAi PhotoPRINT RIP Software. UV Ink dries up instantly, making the printing quality better than ECO-Solvent Ink, and also naturally better lasting under the sun which makes it the best option for outdoor printing. 

Package 3: Flatbed and Roll-to-Roll Hybrid UV Printer

Includes Two Flatbed Tables and LED-UV Curable Inks

Single Printhead
R 77 239.00 (excl)
SKU: F1-1640/Hybrid
Double Printheads
R 92 579.00 (excl)
SKU: F1-1604D/Hybrid

Do you want a printer that prints on rolled media like Vinyl, Wallpaper, PVC etc, as well as boards like Chromadek, Perspex, PVC Foams, Cardboards, Correx etc? Look no further cause the FastCOLOUR ONE Hybrid printer is exactly what you’re looking for. With LED-UV ink, it can print on all kinds of material.

You should come through to our offices in Jet Park for a demonstration and see this new printer in action.
Please call our sales on 072 222 2211 and 060 600 6000 for more information on our products.

Bonus Message for Our Client with Large Format Printers and Laminators.

For our previous clients with our printers and laminators, our new Flatbed Table Extension can also be used for board printing and board laminating.