Starting a T-Shirt Printing Business is Easy

Starting a T-Shirt Printing Business is Easy

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Large Format Printer, Price from R50000

Large Format Printer is not only suitable for large size printing like Banners, Wallpapers, Vinyl stickers ,etc you can also use it to print on Heat Press vinyl for T-Shirt printing with the same ECO-Solvent ink that you have.
Using Your Printing Machine To Its True Potential

Introduce New FastCOLOUR ONE Printers.

Vinyl Cutters, Price from R8000

You don’t always need a Vinyl Cutter for T-Shirt printing. For square shape or some easy cut-out, a pair of scissors would be enough. A Vinyl Cutter can help create signage for you besides T-Shirt printing.  That is the reason why its a great companion of printers.
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Heat Press Machine, Price from R4200

Heat Press machines are essential equipment for T-Shirt printing, they function as a bonding machine to apply printed heat transfer vinyl onto the T-Shirt as well other kinds of clothing or fabric. Besides the dedicated T-Shirt press machine, we also have multi-function heat press machinery to help you make other kinds of personalized items like mugs, cups, hats etc.
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More Other Ways of Printing T-Shirt (We Also Provide)

Sublimation Printing
We have lots of videos about Sublimation on YouTube

Silkscreen Printing

To make T-Shirt printing even more cheaper, we recently introduced the ScreenMaster series screen printing machines, consumables and accessories. Please contact our sales department for more information.