Sublimation Paper Revolution, Get to Know Our New Range

Sublimation Paper Revolution, Get to Know Our New Range

Sublimation Paper

Sublimation printing also known as dye sublimation printing, is a popular printing method of transferring images onto suitable materials. Sublimation is a chemical process where a solid turns into a gas without going through the liquid stage. You should always print a mirrored image for sublimation. Sublimation paper is a temporary media that holds the ink. You have to peel it off and throw it away after pressing it onto material using the heat press machine.

This is the Most Affordable Paper That Needs Sublimation Ink

You get 100g of White Sublimation Paper for Hard-Surface and Light Colour Poly-Fabric Heat Transfer (Print with Sublimation Ink, Printout Mirror Image). There are 100 Sheets in each bag sold.

You need to get an Epson ECO-Tank inkjet printer in order to utilize our sublimation ink:

We have put together a guide about which printer to buy, read here. Or Watch Video.

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If You Don’t Want to Change Ink, HERE’S WHAT TO DO:

White Sublimation Paper is suitable for all types of Fabric without/with Cotton (Up to 95%) (Print on Normal Inkjet/Laser Printer, Printout Mirror Image), 20 Sheets Per Bag (New Product)
There is no need to use sublimation ink, the new treated paper has sublimation layers that carries your colour onto the fabric. The advantage here is to use your existing printing equipment, no extra cost.

Heat Transfer Paper

The sublimation process and heat transfer paper process are very similar, though there are differences that may not be apparent upon first glance. Heat transfer paper is a special paper that transfers printed designs onto shirts and other materials when heat is applied. The most useful feature of the heat transfer paper is for dark fabrics since the colour won’t be visible by normal sublimation process.
White Heat Transfer Paper is suitable for all kinds of Fabric without/with Cotton (Up to 95%) (Print on Normal Inkjet Printer, Need Cut-Out), 20 Sheets Per Bag (New Product).

Heat Press Machines

A heat press machine uses heat and pressure, to transfer a design or a graphic on another surface, thereby getting the name heat press machine. The heat press is a great tool that is widely used in fabric printing. The device is designed to imprint a design or artwork on a suitable medium such as t-shirts by applying heat and pressure for a defined period.

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